Award winning Swedish Singer

Helene got her big break as a singer/actress in 1995 when she was hired to do the voice over for Walt Disney’s movie, Pocahontas, in her native language, Swedish. 
Just after moving from Sweden to New York in 1998, to attend a musical theatre program at AMDA, 
Disney requested for Helene to record Pocahontas II back home in Sweden. 
Helene has also appeared in Disney’s Little Mermaid.

Though classically trained, she is truly authentic and comfortable in any genre, pop, jazz, R&B, broadway and classical. 
She has been able to be apart of musicals, corporate bands, voice over’s, being a studio session singer and she was accepted into the Palm Beach Opera Chorus in 2012.

Early in her career, the following has been written in the Swedish press about Helene during her run in “Joseph” as the Narrator,

“The Narrator, Helene Lundstrom, is blessed with a tremendously beautiful voice. The text is delivered in such a crystal clear fashion that not a single syllable is lost. She commands the stage with a natural, friendly presence.”

“The Narrator, Helene Lundstrom, gives a flawless performance with regard to both acting and singing”

Helene got the Jullan Kindahl Grant in 1995
“Helene Lundstrom, the narrator in “Joseph” received SEK 5000, the reason for choosing her is as follows: 
An amateur who became a professional through her humble presence and strong charisma”

Praised by Disney;

“Disney translator, Monica Forsberg was looking for new talent for the new Walt Disney movie Pocahontas. Helene was the perfect match. Disney in the U.S heaps praise on the young Swede, and say that she is the best foreign Pocahontas they have heard.”

Colors of the wind, sung by Helene, has had over a million hits on youtube.

Helene has written and produced her first all original songs album “Small steps” now available on Cdbaby, Itunes, Amazonmp3, etc.

Helene is currently working on a cover album in the style of jazz, it will be available soon.

Helene is looking forward to writing new songs soon for another all originals CD.